Open a YouTube channel and podcast

Open a YouTube channel and podcast

The use of attractive multimedia content with information. Open a about your brand can be a great attraction to enhance your engagement. Start by creating a channel on YouTube, or another similar platform, to upload videos with valuable content for your followers, such as advice and recommendations of products of interest. The podcast is an alternative that allows you to create weekly programs in an online radio format. In this type of proposals you combine the most dynamic content with novel themes, for example, interviews with experts or introducing testimonies that allow interaction and feedback with your audiences.

Creation of leads to obtain more visits

According to Hubspot in its report . category email list The State of inbound of marketing agencies prioritize lead creation in sales. Opportunities in their inbound techniques. Your content alone will not be able to position itself and achieve qualitative traffic unless you develop lead generation strategies. The basis is to create downloadable or subscription information. In this way, the new user who is interested in what is offered will add their information and data in a form. So it will become a lead that aspires to be of great value in the future.Having complete information about your community.

Enable capture channels

Among the types of content you can offer are the following. EA Leads Solutions often, customers are looking for answers to the needs they have at that moment. The same thing happens in each sector. Guides or manuals on a specific topic usually work very well in inbound marketing strategies in the beauty sector. Reports or statistics. Users interested in this area are constantly searching for information. Additionally, if you submit these reports as press releases for publication in the media, you get more external links and qualitative visits. Webinars . The content of conferences or group talks are an alternative to offer topics of interest to attract users. Free trials or free tests. This content works very well to let your customers know what your brand is like. For its effectiveness, the ideal is to add a form that provides detailed and potentially useful information for the company.

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