Once found himself in a small

Once found himself in a small

Time will tell, but I don’t think so, and I’m curious if I won’t be ashame of this sentence in a while. This is my preiction for the future 2-5 years. Much faster, because already in 2017, I preict an avalanche of demand for changes in the operation of websites and the design of their interfaces, just with the use of SPA technology. What is SPA? The definition itself does not mean much to the average user. From wikipeia: SPA (Single Page Application) is an completely in one go. All the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) neee for the website to function is uploade at the beginning or dynamically adde in pieces, usually in response to user-generate interactions.

Application or website that loads

It sounds quite mysterious, in fact, it is not entirely possible to sense from the definition alone how this approach is better than traditional whatsapp mobile number list websites. Meanwhile, the benefits of this and no other approach to designing websites and websites are at least a few. But first, let’s answer the question: What a SPA is NOT? A friend of mine, who travels a lot due to his profession, bar in south-eastern Poland.

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Which was brought without bread

There he ordere bigos, in a moment. So he aske if there were rolls, to which the waitress replie with a smile “they are not”. Satisfie acquaintance decide EA Leads to wait until these rolls “reporte” to him. After five minutes, already very irritate with slightly cold bigos, he aske when he would get those rolls, to which the surprise waitress replie that she would not get rolls because they did not have them. In south-eastern Poland – at least in this particular bar because I don’t know if it’s a rule – when someone says that “buns are not” means that “there are no rolls.

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