Mastering Product Innovation

Mastering Product Innovation

People who impressed me a lot and encouraged Mastering Product me to get into this world and create a dozen niches. In one year I created about 10 niches focused on Amazon affiliates, of which 2 worked quite well, 2 were so-so, and 6 were a failure. The good thing is that you also learn from failures and today I know exactly all the mistakes I made: I didn’t know how to choose a niche. I didn’t know how to do keyword research. I didn’t know how. To delegate. I was wasting time with tools that were not necessary for my purpose such as Hotjar, Google Tag Manager or Analytics. In short: trying absolutely everything and, as nice as it sounds, wasting time on things I shouldn’t have.

Wasting time with tools Mastering Product that were not necessary

Yes, I know, the Google tools I mentioned are brutally good category email list and powerful, but are they really necessary for a website with 10 URLs that talks about hair straighteners and has 5 visits a day? In my case I think it was a mistake. As I already told you, another mistake I made was creating websites based on my hobbies: I created a piano website, a ukulele website, to learn German… In short: websites whose RPM barely reaches one euro. In other words, for every 1,000 visits I barely scratch a euro. But what seemed strangest to me was that I also had websites that, without hardly any work on them, were starting to give me around €500 a month altogether.

Those websites went down I would not be able to open

I didn’t understand this and it killed me EA Leads inside. I needed to understand how the game works. SEO Mentoring With this we started at. The beginning of 2022, when I had already. Created a series of websites of which 2 worked. Very well for me, but I did not know why nor did I know how to replicate it. Furthermore, I was afraid that if one of those websites. Went down I would not be able to open new niches. For this reason, and after several mentorships. With Dani Llamazares, I launched into the second edition of SEO Mentoring . I was already evaluating it in the first edition but for fear of believing. That I would not know how to take advantage of it, I did not do it.

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