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For other ad placements in the Reels fe. Ads Manager recommends limiting Reels ad copy to 125 characters but your caption will get cut off way before that point. For ads in the Instagram Reels fe aim to limit copy to about 75 characters. For the Facebook Reels fe the cutoff is closer to 25 characters. If you cant squeeze the entire message into such a limit space start with a strong hook. To customize ad copy select each Reels placement individually and open the Primary Text tab. Then it the copy and use the preview to ensure it

Displays correctly

Ads-on-reels-facebook-instagram-it-optimize-creatives-customize-ad-copy-placements-primary-text-tab-18 Conclusion With Metas new placements and creative tools Reels ads are more viable business lead than ever for advertisers. Using these new opportunities advertisers can take advantage of this format and successfully use Reels to meet business goals. Stay Up-to-Date Get New Marketing Articles Deliver to You! Dont miss out on upcoming social mia marketing insights and strategies! Sign up to receive notifications when we

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