Introducing new features based on the latest technology

Introducing new features based on the latest technology

 Among its strengths are: ease of use (with a user-friendly interface and the ability to position elements with simple drag and drop ). A wide range of pre-made templates: from business presentations to party invitations . From social media posts to eye-catching resumes. Templates customizable in every aspect . Which mark a solid track for graphic design novices and a time saver for professionals. Possibility of working in a team  . As it is an online platform  . And therefore sharing individual projects with other users. Thanks to its versatility  . Canva is not tied to a specific sector but can be used by students . Professionals . Entrepreneurs or simple enthusiasts.


Which you can modify based on

 The platform continues to evolve . Introducing europe email list new features based on the latest technology  . Such as artificial intelligence. To keep up with this continuous evolution and learn how to make the most of the potential of the canva platform  . You can rely . With a personalized course  . On our graphic design teachers . Who are available to build solid foundations for beginners and optimize creative processes for professionals in the sector. here is a taste of the possible topics  . Which you can modify based on needs (yours or your company group’s): canva specialist [duration 16 hours . In the classroom . Live online or at company headquarters] layout: layout rules based on usage color management in graphic communication management of text and fonts in graphic communication canva formats: compatibility with web standards cutting with canva: limits and possibilities create a business kit (pro version only) how to use templates use graphs edit a pdf contact us for a quote! Create resources in canva with customizable presets the interface of the platform looks like that of a software that works with customizable presets .


The platform creates resources to insert

 For example . If we want to create a post EA Leads for instagram . Canva offers us the various formats available (a square post . A story . A reel…) . Adapting the size of the predefined resources accordingly . The same will happen for any type of document. However . In addition to the possibility of creating brochures . Posts for social media and using templates for the most common formats . The platform creates resources to insert into your documents . Such as videos and graphics. Videos with canva a video is an exciting and effective way of communicating messages.


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