I’m going to Russia: When do I buy the dollars?

I’m going to Russia: When do I buy the dollars?

With nearly a half its land lying below sea level, the Netherlands knows a lot about water and how to make sure a city’s infrastructure is resilient to it, particularly flood risks and freshwater supply. Arcadis, a Dutch engineering firm, is applying that knowledge to cities around the world by creating infrastructures with sustainability at the forefront, such as water recycling facilities inside manufacturing companies in Mexico. 

I'm going to Russia: Where do I buy the currency?

The global need for freshwater is set to grow exponentially. Meanwhile, many urban water systems are in dire need of repair,” said Seb Beloe, head of sustainability research at Add in Phone Number List desalination, agriculture and wastewater management, and water stands to become one of the world’s biggest capital-growth opportunities.

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Ecolab focuses on research, technology and innovation when it comes to water investments. It has worked with companies including Kraft, Néstle and Marriot to help reduce their water usage. The company recently an updated version of its publicly available EA Leads which helps organizations assess their water risks and come up with a plan and goals to address them. 

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