How to Position a Website on Google and Increase Visits

How to Position a Website on Google and Increase Visits

 How to position a website on google and increase visits . Positioning make your website known and find new customers! If you are reading this article, you are surely looking for information on how to position.  A website on google, because you already have one or because you are thinking of creating one. What do you ne to do to get visits and traffic to the site? As you may have guess, having a website is not enough, because the site doesn’t do everything by itself! It would be nice if everything were so simple, but unfortunately the web is full.  Of sites and it’s a kind of square full of people where you ne to stand out: how can you get notic by your niche?

What does SEO mean

 There are two very powerful web marketing strategies .  Which serve precisely this and position a website.  On google, bing or another search engine: I am referring to seo and sem ! Don’t be scar by these technical terms, which I just us, because I will explain to you in a very simple way what it is! How long can you wait to put your site on the first page of special data google? How long are you willing to wait to gain visibility on google? Are you in a big hurry or have time? I’ll explain the reason for this question: the two web marketing strategies . I just mention, seo and sem, have different timing.  Seo is a long-term activity and can even take months, but it gives 

Important elements in positioning a website

Excellent results sem, advertising on google ads is faster, suitable for those who want to . Skip ahead to make themselves known what does seo mean seo is an acronym.  That stands for search engine optimization , an expression that literally means.  “Optimization for search engines”. Seo, in fact, is a set of practices and techniques that a digital professional, also call seo. , applies to a website to improve EA Leads its position in search engines. You know when you do a search on google? After typing a keyword, for example “Hotel cagliari”, you will find the results of your . Search on a page, which at the bottom has numbers, those of the.  Pages to browse and which contain the websites to consult. If you have a hotel in cagliari and your website is on page 50, 

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