How to create realistic images with a screenshot of your website

How to create realistic images with a screenshot of your website

The zambuchera penicleta. But how difficult! I knew I wanted to tell you about this tool, I was clear about it because it is a cool resource that comes in handy but when I stood in front of the blank page to give it a title… I almost gave it up! This thinking about SEO… Nah, in the end I decided on the one there is. It doesn’t matter a rock. So… Hello conch! How has been the weekend? Are you OK? For sure yes. I hope so because although America has gone crazy and those of us who, after 2 elections, still didn’t know what to do say it (sigh), the world goes on.

Magicmockups : put your website in photos with screens

The way Magicmockups works is simple. In reality, it is one of those tools that is as simple as it is great because it does what you could do with Photoshop or Gimp, but in a few seconds, with maximum ease . Magicmockups allows you to choose from a series of images that represent real scenes, such as working in front of a laptop, a design table with the Mac and the iPhone, a super industry email list pretty girl showing you her cell phone… masters, all the days. So, when you choose your scenario, you enter the URL of your website or your blog and Magicmockups generates a screenshot and places it perfectly adjusted on the screen .

Why use these compositions?

Good question. Does this really serve any purpose? Of course, if we take away the “showing off” thing about how your website looks on a super 27-inch iMac in an oak office, so that people can EA Leads marvel at it… well… emmm… Yes. That. Well, the truth is that it does work and, I repeat myself, garlic type, although it is nothing that cannot be done in a few minutes, it is very convenient for: Publications on social networks with your own project . I’ve already made some and they look cool.

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