How I made the transition

How I made the transition

Leaving the corporate world behind is not easy. Whether by own decision or by the organization, it means facing a new reality for which we are not prepared. They are different rules of the game in an unknown scenario. We must quickly begin to develop  other skills, but above all, adjust the thinking model. He who has been an entrepreneur all or most of his life has a very different mentality than the corporate employee who wants to start a business. How I made Here he applies the maxim, “what got you here won’t get you there.” Three aspects that made the difference in my experience, after working fifteen years in the corporate world and venturing into this life project in 2009. There are three fundamental aspects that today, looking back, i consider made all the difference.

Quickly build your personal brand

Get rid of ego it sounds easy but it’s super difficult. We all have ego; especially those of us who leave the corporate world with bombastic positions from executive data large companies with well-known surnames. It is as if the brands we represent define our essence, something quite dangerous for the coming independence. We think we know a lot until we step on the asphalt and realize that the world is infinitely bigger than we thought. We realize that we were a small nut in an immense gear, but that now we are the complete machine and we have to learn how to operate it.

Do not start from scratch

How I made The sooner you accept that the positions, achievements and glories of the past no longer define your future, much less who you are, the easier it will be to embark on the path with humility and a lot, a lot, a lot of work. You will have to roll EA Leads up your sleeves, wait patiently for hours to be attended to, and accept that there will be people who will ignore you and not return your calls. That’s how it works, it’s nothing personal. Just be relatively clear about your goal (which is sure to change over time) and your eyes on the horizon. Everything will be fine. (2) quickly build your personal brand by no longer depending on the great corporate name, it is time to start positioning your own brand, your first and last name.

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