Guide on how to write an About Me with Practical Examples

Guide on how to write an About Me with Practical Examples

In this article we are going to see how to write an About Me with practical examples . What sections should we include when writing the about me or “about me” page and their importance. You will see some keys to creating a “Who I am” that impacts and helps give more value to your Personal Brand and portfolio. When I go to teach personal branding classes I always ask my students: What do you think is the most important. Guide on  page on your blog for your personal strategy? Their answers are almost always the same. The blog, the home, the services, etc. All except the who I am page.

Guide on Blog

Why do I say it and affirm it? Well, because job function email list this page is the one that people normally go to after reading an article of yours. If they liked your post, the normal thing is to want to know more about the author. And for that they usually go to the who I am or about me page. If when they arrive at that page what they see is something sloppy or with little valuable information, they will most likely leave your website without further ado. With this, you have lost a great opportunity to win and even retain a follower.

Professional and engaging

In other words, that page can damage the image EA Leads of your personal brand. And that is why I have decided to create this article talking about the most important sections in an “about me”. Attention , I am not a website creator or copywriter, nor do I intend to be. That’s why I’m not going to give you tips on how to persuade with words or technical details. What I am going to tell you are things that you should take into account according to my perception and that will help you enhance your personal brand .

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