Google Doesn’t Care About AI Content Here’s

Google Doesn’t Care About AI Content Here’s

Google recently published new guidance about AI-generated content, saying it’s not against the company’s guidelines. It even encouraged content creators to use AI in some situations. This seemed to come as a bit of a shock to some, but I think there are three reasons why it makes total sense. Reason 1. Google couldn’t be any clearer about this. Its documentation includes an entire section about how automation can help create helpful content. Not all use of automation, including AI generation, is spam.

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AI will lower the cost of this type of content. Folks no longer need to pay $5 a pop for cheap, low-quality content because they can write it for free with AI content tools. Here’s an company data example of the type of content I’m talking about: It’s readable and well constructed, but the content itself is just fluff. You can tell immediately that it’s words for the sake of words and that the author has never touched this product. They certainly don’t have any unique insights or genuine opinions about it. Given that you can create “similar quality” content with AI tools, you may assume there’ll be a sudden and massive influx of low-quality content for Google to deal with.

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Cents on this: I don’t think it’ll be as bad as many people think. Your mom isn’t going to suddenly start a content site just because AI tools can now do the EA Leads heavy lifting. It’ll mostly be folks already in the industry using AI tools. So while there will definitely be more content being created, I don’t think it’ll be a Google Doesn’t crazy amount more. Even if I’m wrong, Google’s systems will deal with it – If your site is full of low-quality content, AI or not, Google will just lower your crawl budget to save resources. Remember, Chat GPT isn’t the first AI tool.

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