Get to know the New Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program

Conta Azul Mais accelerates thousands of offices and the financial management of its clients. Learn about the New Partnership Program. The New Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program is even more advantageous for accounting firms that want to grow and master digital accounting . The methodology remains the same, but the benefits are even better and you have more opportunities to earn points and level up. After thousands of success stories, we are taking this next step to support and accelerate the digital transformation of our partners. The objective also remains the same, connected to the purpose of Conta Azul: to promote the success of accountants and business owners to transform Brazil through entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for a really worthwhile partnership in the accounting market, you’ll want to learn more about our program and its unique benefits.

What is the Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program?

Understand why thousands of partner accountants have already achieved success with Conta Azul. The Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program is the best way to measure the level of digital maturity of an accounting firm, as it is the most direct way to accelerate the digital transformation of accounting offices . Accountants who become partners have access to  Philippines Phone Number Data  what they most need to migrate to the cloud, including exclusive benefits such as courses, Conta Azul Mais platform resources and personalized consulting from partnership managers. The objective is simple: to generate more and more value for accounting firms to be able to organize their clients, gain productivity, have more satisfied clients and grow. Conta Azul aims to transform Brazil through entrepreneurship, and accountants are our main strategic partners in this journey. After all, they are responsible for keeping company accounts up to date and supporting entrepreneurs in decision-making.

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Fairer than offering our technology and expertise

Brazilian accountants, establishing long-term partnerships that contribute to the country’s progress. Through the Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program, we have already helped thousands of offices to grow and collected success stories. Accounting companies join the program by creating a Partner Panel on the website and accumulating achievements and benefits to take advantage of the best technology 100% online. Now, it’s time to move on to a EA Leads new program moment to continue making the complex simple and further expand our digital revolution in the accounting market. What changes in the Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program? The Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program has evolved to better meet the new needs of offices and calibrate the measurement criteria for each step. The program continues to be 100% free for accounting companies and with the same methodology, only with new rules for punctuation and transition between the different levels of the partnership.

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