Conta Azul Con 2021: most relevant digital accounting

If you are an accountant, or work in the area and would like to know more about news related to innovation, technology and trends in the accounting industry, we have exclusive content for you. This is the annual conference that brings together some of the biggest influencers and national and international accounting professionals, Conta Azul Con 2021! This year, the event will take place from November 8th to 11th and, for the first time, will take place completely online. There will be 25 hours of content in total, with 11 of them available for free to the accounting public , with the following theme: “ Accountants who transform” . Want to know more about this event? Check out the text in full and guarantee your registration right now! What is the Blue Con 2021 Account? Conta Azul Con is an event that takes place annually.

Created by Conta Azul in the year of the first edition

Which aims to unite accounting professionals from all over the country, present unprecedented news in the market and provide days of unique content. This year, conta azul con 2021 will take place 100% online, ensuring everyone’s safety; our partner accountants, blues and all personnel involved in the event. After all, this meeting is not just an event, it is also a desire to break physical and digital barriers, going beyond numbers and algorithms with the  New Zealand Phone Number Data  impulse to do something different. In summary, it is a convention that is not just about an exact science, it is also something social . We are looking for accountants who have that will within them and go beyond. The most relevant digital experience of the year more than a conference, conta azul con has established itself as the content reference for accountants in the world, here in brazil.

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The third edition will bring news

If you were already wowed in get ready for an even more amazing experience in 2021. Free registration or exclusive content for vip participants. World class speakers cross-platform, synchronous and asynchronous content closing with an amazing show remember the blue con 2019 account anyone who was present at the 2019 event knows the EA Leads importance and relevance of this event for the accounting segment. In this edition, the speakers brought several insights to an audience of more than 4,000 participants. In this way, the conference had a team of important speakers, such as fernando henrique cardoso, leandro karnal, fred trajano, primo rico and other prominent national and international accountants such as geni whitehouse. To get a bigger picture of everything that happened, watch the edit summary video: confirmed speakers at conta azul con 2021 find out, below, the names of the speakers.

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