Compare Some of the Credit Lines Available for Entrepreneurs

Compare Some of the Credit Lines Available for Entrepreneurs

Starting or maintaining a business is not always easy, there are several adversities that discourage those who want to undertake. In conclusion, One of the biggest challenges is having the initial capital to start the project. For those who already undertake, having working capital available in cash. Taking this scenario into account, it is very common to resort to financial. Institutions to acquire credit and there are several lines of credit with different rates. Compare the rates of some of the different lines of credit available on the market. Graphic-credit-guarantee-property Among the most attractive rates, there is the loan with property guarantee. Which is a line of credit that has one of the best interest rates among those. Available in the market for using the property as collateral.

This line of credit is also known as home equity

Understand a little more about this loan modality at Santander It is a loan line with fixed installments, rates starting at and up to 20 years to pay. The credit can be used for no specific purpose, including your company and even to start a new business , but it is a  Laos Phone Number Data  credit intended for individuals. The minimum loan amount is R$30,000, with a limit of up to 60% of the value of the property. In conclusion, The property to be given as collateral may be owned or owned by third parties, commercial or residential. The name of this product, in Santander, is Usecasa and it is possible to carry out the simulation without commitment, online and the result is available at the same time. To find out and simulate access Loan with Property Guarantee – Usecasa.

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That There Are Only a Few Units Available

Use credit wisely Subject to credit approval and other product conditions in force at the time of contracting. As an example, for the indicated interest rate of 0.95% per month, considering. A simulation carried out based on a loan. BRL property worth BRL, fixed installment of BRL for a client aged 38 years, information considered for EA Leads purposes of insurance coverage, without including financeable expenses, in a period of 5 years, the Total Effective Cost (CET) is 16.73% pa chosen Zurich Santander. This trigger can be applied in different contexts, such as marketing and sales strategies. For example, by highlighting the limited quantity of a product, stating or by establishing deadlines for promotions or discounts, creating the impression that the offer is only valid for a short period of time, it is possible to awaken the interest and action in people.

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