How to consolidate the strength of your company in the consumer market

This is a factor aligned with Branding. Which reinforces¬† the corporate identity and makes the entrepreneurship increasingly viable and prone to growth. The spaces for which companies compete are on several levels, not only in advertising or in the market, they are also in your mind. Brands want to get a place in your thoughts to provoke shocks. Of happiness every time you remember them. That is a fundamental concept when we talk about brand positioning. Due to its relevance in today’s competitive markets. Today we want to fully explore this key concept.

What is brand positioning

Genius and guru of modern Marketing. And czar of innovative Email Database business processes, are some very good descriptions for Philip Kotler , who also gave us a very good concept of brand positioning. According to Kotler, defender and disseminator of concepts such as the 4 P’s of Marketing , positioning consists of designing the commercial offer in such a way that it occupies a precious place in the minds of consumers.¬†

Positioning vs brand recognition

This unequivocally reflects the difference EA Leads between positioning and brand recognition, also known as Brand Awareness . And positioning is a comprehensive concept, which is related to the level of sales, market share, frequency of use of products or services, positive user evaluation and strength and leadership in general . Within these aspects we also find brand recognition, that is, how well known it is to consumers and how much they know about it. Which shows that Brand Awareness is simply one of the aspects of positioning.