As a vendor you can negotiate wholesale terms

As a vendor you can negotiate wholesale terms

As a vendor you can negotiate wholesale terms with amazon but not the final selling price nor the quantity of goods to purchase. Amazon can change sales prices at any time bas on data collect.
The amazon seller can independently manage logistics. Shipping. Orders and returns. Available to sellers are:
Analytics : seller central provides. Free of charge. Data and analytics on customers and sales useful for finalizing business strategies;

Total control of messaging and product checks

Total control of messaging and product checks : as a brand regularly register in the amazon register. Checks can be carri out against new database other sellers;
The possibility of checking the final sales price . Eliminating any discrepancies with other stores or physical shops;
Enchan brand content : sellers can create additional content for the product sheet for free. Although simpler and less attractive than the vendors’ “A+ content”.
Less risk on cash flow : the seller can decide whether to transfer daily or receive payments within 2-4 weeks of the sale.

Selling wholesale to amazon

While vendor. Selling wholesale to amazon. Receives payment for each order within 60 to 90 days.
Being a vendor. However. Translates into:
Greater trust from customers who recognize the products as safer. As they are guarante by amazon;
Extensive advertising opportunities : amazon EA Leads marketing service offers vendor brands advanc tools and options for advertising in-store products;
A+ content and enhanc marketing tools : on a marketing level. The vendor has advanc features such as the insertion of additional and attractive information.

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