An shattered supply chains have left

An shattered supply chains have left

An stattered CBRTP has its own extensive machine park and research equipment, which is useful in the implementation of many projects. It is also worth looking at the issue of creating a research and development department from the perspective of the company’s customers. Today, many companies rely on internal departments. It creates them from employees already employe in the company, not from experts or academics. The information that the company has this kind of department does not impress customers much. They are aware that its existence often serves more of a marketing function than one focuse on the actual search for innovative solutions.

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The perception of recipients changes when the role of the R&D department is performe by CBRTP – work, opinions and general associations that this unit evokes give grounds to claim that the company cooperating with it takes the subject photo editor of innovation seriously. CBRTP – work, opinions, opportunities for financial support What is important from the point of view of companies considering cooperation with CBRTP. Work, opinions , awards and complete projects are one thing, but many companies are aware that they cannot cope without adequate financial support. Fortunately, CBRTP is also helpful in this regard.

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Help is provide in two ways. The first one is partnership in externally funde projects. Simply put – CBRTP is able to suggest entities that could potentially become investors, and also help in the preparation of all competition documentation, including precise definition of the project’s technical assumptions, business and financial EA Leads models. Thanks to such help, the company can significantly increase its chances of obtaining funding. The second possibility is financial support directly from CBRTP. The work, opinions about this unit and the assistance it has provide to companies so far indicate that the possibilities of obtaining such support are entirely real.

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