Why consider an alternative to Google Analytics

Why consider an alternative to Google Analytics

And slightly more advance features. Statcounter lags behind the competition. Key features: statcounter has a tool calle growth plan that converts your web traffic data into actionable insights and helps you focus on key areas to achieve an increase in revenue. The problem is that the growth plan is an upgrade. And you must pay per month to use it. Industry rankings lets you see how your site stacks up against your competitors for traffic. Social meia. Mobile traffic. And user experience. And the tool has a huge library of content of videos. Articles. And e-books. Overview: statcounter is not as useful as other analytics tools. And doesn’t provide as many features – but it’s free to use. Why choose dmi? Open web analytics open web analytics (owa) is a free.

Even though owa is free to use it is feature-rich

Open source web stats solution. Its user interface is reminiscent of the google analytics new database interface from around 2013. Even though owa is free to use it is feature-rich; it can track goals along several steps of a conversion funnel. Offers stats filtere by multiple factors. And even displays heat maps and mouse-tracking. Key features: with custom variables it is possible to set and store up to five custom properties on all tracking events (for example. Page views. Sessions. Clicks. Or action events). Custom variables can be set for a single tracking request. Across all requests that make up a single session/visit. Or across all visits for a single visitor.

50 leading marketing platforms

new database

owa is a solid and feature-rich analytics solution. Unfortunately. It has the same bounce rate and time-on-site weaknesses of most EA Leads analytics tools. It also looks like it’s not being update very frequently. Woopra woopra is a free alternative to google analytics designe to track. Trace. Monitor. And analyze every stage of the customer journey. The platform’s free version is visually balance and you don’t have to be a technical whizz to leverage it to your data-driven advantage. Woopra also integrates with over 50 leading marketing platforms or third-party services. Key features: this comprehensive platform is excellent at tracking very specific touchpoint-base interactions. Allowing you to hone in on-page elements including cta buttons.

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