Possible addictions and problems related to metaverse

Possible addictions and problems related to metaverse

Possible addictions My problem is the noise that is generated around it. Which, I’m afraid, I’m contributing. Therefore, to with this article. Although I hope to clarify. In addition, and not to increase volume. I decided to write it after a post I made last week on LinkedIn . Therefore,and in which a very interesting. In addition, conversation was generated (you can see it and join the comments at the end of the article). 

The metaverse is not technically viable Possible addictions

Possible addictions The next step is that of early adopters , which we have not yet top industry data reached. It is true that we have some samples, especially. Therefore, in the world of video games (Fortnite and. In addition, many more), but it is very far from being considered a “universe within a universe or metaverse.” Here will be the key step. If the technology manages to jump. Therefore, the chasm (term used in the explanation of. In addition, the adoption curve), we can move to the first majority and thus it will continue to evolve. 

How will privacy be managed in the metaverse

Imagine the metaverse in today’s world in which we have to place EA Leads notices and consents to leave a cookie on our users’ computers. And now add the complexity. Therefore, of managing personal and biometric data. Surely we will find a way, but do you see it possible today? In addition to its use to interact in the corresponding space, what do you think brands will use this data for.

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