Include some interesting facts about yourself

Include some interesting facts about yourself

To finish the “about me” page you can add some interesting facts about yourself that you want others to know. This type of data can help humanize your personal brand, but don’t go overboard with the curiosities you add. Don’t forget that you are a professional. Add things that may interest the reader about your personal profile. There are things that no one cares about except yourself. Don’t add those things. What is an About me ⇒ Do you know how to write About me or Who I am? What should it include? ⇒ Why is a professional and engaging “About Me” so important.

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Do you know how to write About email database me or Who I am? What should it include? Before starting this very important page of your website you have to be clear about things to say about yourself, aspects that are attractive and impressive for people who read opinions about you. A perfect About Me page should include: Quality photo or photos Shocking title and with some keyword Your value proposition ( mission ) Multimedia elements ( videos ) that provide credibility Good Storytelling (your personal story – evolution) Testimonials from other professionals Calls to action ( CTA ) Curiosities about you If you want to learn how to optimize this important page for your personal brand with these points mentioned above.

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When I decided to optimize that page EA Leads and write something about myself professionally everything changed. I went from 10 seconds to almost 3 minutes of permanence, and receiving emails with queries about my services daily . page views about me And this is where the importance of spending some time creating this “about me” page is. One of the most serious personal branding mistakes for me is not analyzing the data of your personal project, seeing how things work and how we could improve it.

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