A Clothing Store Beauty Salon Travel Agership

A Clothing Store Beauty Salon Travel Agership

On the other hand, “professional” lobbying is carrie out by companies and agencies dealing with this issue professionally, using professional tools and methods. Another division of lobbying distinguishes lobbying: preventive, aime at preventing the initiation of specific actions, taken as a result of reaction, taken as a specific action, the purpose of which is to initiate specific actions. We also distinguish political, social and economic lobbying, which is the result of the initiative of enterprises. Lobbying as an element of the company’s strategy It happens that achieving business goals by using standard marketing tools is not enough.

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It happens that the effectiveness of the company’s activities does not depend on customers, competitors or business partners, but on the prevailing whatsapp mobile number list political situation, conditions dictate by the environment, public opinion or other interest groups. This is when lobbying comes in handy, which makes it possible to manage the environment in a much broader dimension. Companies compete not only with each other, but also with other interest groups. More and more emphasis is place on creating the brand image and on creating the right relationships, not only with customers, but also with all stakeholder groups.

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The aim of lobbying is to increase the trust of specific social groups or interest groups and to create the image of the company as a brand EA Leads that cares about the fate of the environment. The company’s reputation is a very important criterion for effectively influencing decision-makers. Lobbying allows you to achieve business goals by influencing the macro-environment. It is an element of a long-term organizational management strategy base on a proactive approach to the environment and stakeholder relationship management, which is implemente in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

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