What is the metaverse and why it is not feasible

What is the metaverse and why it is not feasible

What is Metaverse. Big word. If we try to translate it literally it could be something like a universe within another. In recent months, but especially in recent weeks, the metaverse is one of the most frequent topics of conversation. And as always, it has its defenders and its detractors (at the moment I am more in the second group than the first). Before defining it, let it be stated that despite not being a supporter of the metaverse. 

Initial hype and noise about the metaverse What is

What is We are in the early stages of the innovation adoption curve (the famous curve), and it is industry email list normal to generate so much noise and excitement about the future it promises. The question is, is the metaverse worth paying attention to right now? We have already experienced this before with other technologies that have then remained unfulfilled promises (at least for the moment). In the end they all go through a similar pattern. Innovators begin to take the first steps a future.

Why the metaverse is not feasible at the moment not feasible

If we consult a reliable source such as Wikipedia , we can find EA Leads the main arguments with their explanations given by digital experts. 1. The metaverse is not technically viable We could not launch it because it requires a hardware and software infrastructure that we do not currently have, it requires coordinated development (not many spaces created by each initiative, how would we unite these spaces?) and the total lack of definition of standards (Lauren Jackson ).

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