The Importance of the Entrepreneur’s Vision for an Accounting Firm

The accounting office is not always seen as a company in fact. However, like every entrepreneur, the accountant can also have the dream of seeing his business prosper. For some professionals, it may not be so easy to develop a more focused look at the business world, especially when having multiple accounting obligations from different clients to handle. If you are wondering how to change this perception, read this content. Good reading! the-importance-of-an-entrepreneur-vision-for-an-accounting-office The importance of the entrepreneur’s vision in an accounting office In 1946, no one would have ever imagined that that 14-year-old boy, selling cases to save voter registration, would become one of the greatest presenters on Brazilian television: Silvio Santos had this idea when he saw a street vendor doing the same thing.

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Since the elections were close, he took advantage of the market and still had to dodge the guards, as the repression of street commerce was strong at the time. But, why did Silvio Santos become who he is today and no one has ever heard of the man he saw the cases, since they both did the thing? The answer lies in Sílvio’s entrepreneurial vision. This look is essential for every entrepreneur, because: It helps to identify good market opportunities; Positions the  Germany Phone Number Data company as an authority in its field of activity; Favors business growth. Today, Brazil has more than 520,000 accountants with active registration and a total of 78,191 accounting offices, according to data from the Transparency Portal of the Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo (CRCSP).

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How to have this more entrepreneurial look in the field of accounting. How to open an accounting office with the look of an entrepreneur? Define the goals of your accounting firm How many new customers do you intend to conquer in 6 months? And how many EA Leads employees are you thinking of hiring? Before opening the doors of your office, be it online or physical, make a plan to define the business objectives, which should guide all your daily decision-making. The idea is always to think like this: “Does what I’m doing today help to achieve or does it take my company away from the defined goals?” To do this, start by choosing your field of activity and the service modalities.

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