The effects of the General Data Protection Regulation

The effects of the General Data Protection Regulation

The general data protection regulation (gpdr) will enter into force on may 25, 2018. Gdpr has kept entrepreneurs and website. Administrators busy during the spring. The purpose of the data protection regulation. Is to harmonize the processing of personal. Data in the eu area. Before the gdpr came. Into force, different eu countries had very different regulations on data protection. Gdpr also gives people the opportunity to. Influence the use of their own personal data. In addition to the new regulation, people have, among other things, the option to ask the company. To

Delete all data related to their personal data.

We’ve put together some useful online guides for gdpr below. Suomen yrittäjie’s privacy guide is an excellent africa email list  gdpr guide for all entrepreneurs, but companies doing paid advertising should also familiarize themselves with. The instructions on the subject of advertising platforms such as google adwords. Or facebook.Gdpr affects google adwords advertising, especially for conversion tracking and remarketing audiences. On a practical level, the. Change to the current situation is that after the entry into force of the gdpr, the website must provide much more detailed information about what information is collected ..And how the information is used . That is, in practice, if, for example, new remarketing audiences are collected, 

then it should be clearly stated on the privacy page

Gdpr and facebook advertising
A facebook advertiser must take gdpr requirements into account in many ways. If a facebook pixel EA Leads is installed on the advertiser’s website, the existence of the pixel must be explained as well as why and for what purpose the data is collected. Using different lists such as an email list is common in facebook advertising. For example, with the help of a list of newsletter recipients, it is possible to. Create a double target group.
With the use of lists, one should be careful about the purpose for which the consent to the use of. Personal data was obtained. In the first place. If the user has initially given his consent to the use of his e-mail address to. Subscribe to the newsletter, it does not automatically mean that the e-mail address may also be used for other purposes, such as creating audiences in facebook advertising.

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