Simple Steps to the Perfect Facebook Page for Your Company

Facebook currently has over two billion active monthly visitors worldwide. This means that Facebook is: A great place to reach customers from all over the world. Will! A place where it’s easy to get lost among other pages. Oh no A great place to engage your current customers and turn them into advocates for your actions. Will! A place where it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Oh noThis article will help your business page look perfect and beat your competitors. 17 simple points will help you to find out how your Facebook page should look like. Start by creating a page To start creating your page,  and click the “Create a page” button in the menu in the upper right corner. Create your page Here you can choose that you are doing business, give the page a name.

Also Select Several Categories in Which You Develop Your Company

For example, you can choose whether you are a store or a website. Remember that you have to fill in the information accurately so that your customers can find you as easily as possible! Add a profile picture You will be prompted to upload your company photo. In most cases, this is a company logo, but in theory it can be absolutely anything. If you are the only one in your company, why not upload a professionally taken photo of you? It should be a photo already on USA Business Fax List  your computer and at least 720×720 resolution (this is medium resolution photography). All Facebook photos are square, so you can use the platform itself and crop your photo during page creation. Add a cover photo Once you’ve got your profile photo down, it’s time to take care of your cover photo. This is a horizontal, elongated photo above your profile picture. In it you can add contact details, other social platforms where your company can be found. Or just tell us about your production. Get to know your page When you have done everything, you will be taken to the already created page.

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We skipped adding the profile and cover photos

You see gray and elemental blocks in the photo instead. Facebook will then ask you to set up your Page to be successful. We would recommend skipping this step. You wouldn’t want to invite your friends to like a half-empty page. Don’t worry about the chat box, we’ll set it up later. Update your page information Once your page has taken some EA Leads  shape, it’s time to add some necessary information. Select the three dots to the right of the “Share” button, and then select “Edit page information.” You will be taken to where you can add the required data. Keep in mind that all the information you enter will be publicly visible, unless, of course, you choose otherwise. Description category Phone number (if you use one) Website (if you have one) Email address (if you use one) Company location Work hours Title deeds (ignore this unless you are from Germany) Price limits Privacy Policy (if you have one) Think about what you expect from your page. If you want him to provide information to customers, add an e-mail.