How to show the value of your work using reports in accounting

Accounting reports guide the company’s management and show the value of its work to the customer. See how to use. Knowing how to use accounting reports to help and impress the client is a great differential of the consultant accountant . I, Pablo Rodrigues, can say this because I command the first company to be certified as a Diamond level partner of Conta Azul — ContabilizaRio . After evolving into digital accounting , I started to use the power of numbers to guide my clients’ decisions and change the trajectory of their businesses. Today, I’m going to share that experience with you and explain how to use and present accounting reporting to support your clients. The content that you are going to read below is part of the complete training of Conta Azul on Value Strategies to use in a crisis.

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Reports to help and impress your client. Read carefully and learn how to show the value of your work. Importance of reports in accounting Accounting reports are key enablers in the conversation between accountants and clients. With the role of the consultant accountant on the rise, these numbers and graphs are essential to inform the client about the  Taiwan Phone Number Data  financial position of his company and guide the decision-making process. And the process has become much faster and more practical with the advancement of technology, which allows you to generate reports in seconds and have all the information available in real time. At my company, for example, the biggest pain for accountants at the beginning was dealing with overdue accounting and having to generate income reports for all clients at the time of Income Tax.

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Ready to send to the client immediately, such as the profit distribution for the earnings report. This saves accountants time and allows the team to focus on strategy instead of wasting hours on repetitive tasks. For this reason, reports must be a priority in the relationship with the client and serve as a basis for consultative accounting . How and when to EA Leads file reports in accounting Accounting reports must be presented according to the needs of your clients and the firm’s strategy . For example, my tactic is to send an informative email with the main accounting reports (general balance, cash flow, account position, etc.) periodically according to the size of the company. For smaller companies, a monthly newsletter is enough to understand the financial performance.