BI in Accounting: How to Use Business Intelligence to Take Off

Did you know that with BI in accounting you can transform a pile of data into strategic information for your business? Through intuitive visual resources, Business Intelligence makes it possible to evaluate the performance of companies in a simple and quick way, in addition to indicating future scenarios. Interested in knowing how? In partnership with Conta Azul, Fábrica de Contabilidade produced this complete content on how to use BI in accounting. So, follow the topics below and find out which services help your accounting firm grow and make more assertive decisions . BI in accounting: what is Business Intelligence? BI in accounting is a set of technological tools that gather, classify and process different data from a business, transforming important information generated by accounting into easy-to-understand information for decision-making at the right time.

The acronym for Business Intelligence which

Means business intelligence , something fundamental for the success of any business. Its function is to organize data from different sources and transform them into interactive graphs and dashboards capable of indicating patterns, trends and better alternatives for management . accounting BI services In addition to facilitating the interpretation of economic  Mexico Phone Number Data  and financial information from your office, BI in accounting also contributes to strategic decision-making to generate a competitive advantage in the market. The main accounting BI services are: financial performance It includes gross revenue, break-even point , contribution margin, profit margin, evolution of costs and expenses, liquidity indexes, investment return trend lines, result forecast, among others. Budget forecast It gathers estimates of revenue, net income, costs and expenses, considering realistic, optimistic and pessimistic scenarios.

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It takes into account the strategic planning

Feeding the evaluation of the results for decisions that correct the direction of the business in the right time . tax analysis Classifies payments of all taxes, fees and contributions over different time periods such as month, quarter, semester and year. You can visualize the tax effect on profitability while supporting future tax planning. 3 advantages of Business Intelligence consulting With BI in accounting, you transform a mountain of disconnected EA Leads data that is difficult to interpret into organized, understandable information and focused on the most relevant points . Without a Business Intelligence consultancy, the data produced daily by the company is like a hidden treasure, as this data is one of its main assets To be really useful, they need to be discovered, polished and transformed into reports and indicators that, in fact, add a lot of value.