Accounting and digital banks: understand the importance of this union

That the accounting market has been changing is nothing new for anyone. Not even for the most resistant traditional office that still operates in this segment. However, with so many new solutions that contemplate the marketplace. A virtual environment with several options for products or services – of advisory accounting. Why has this union with banks become so important? Continue reading this content produced by Linker in partnership with Azul and find out how this union between accounting and digital banks is. With the advancement of technology in the accounting market , accountant has become increasingly consultative and attentive to new trends. However, many of these trends are not so new anymore. I often say that for individuals, there is already a world of possibilities in the palm of their hands: it is possible to order food, purchase all kinds of products, hire services, move digital accounts, and also move around.

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That moment on, become a legal entity , our brain demands. The same comfort and practicality with which we are already adapted in our routine. However, it is clear that, for legal entities, some of these facilities have not yet arrived and, those that  Malaysia Phone Number Data  have arrived, are not always known or so easy to access and use. In accounting there is also a separation when we talk about pfs and pjs . Digital bank for legal entities: how does it work and what are the benefits? Digital banking is no longer a novelty. Everyone is aware of its existence, but do people really know what its real benefit is for the legal entity? Some more attentive accountants already understood that the digital bank would offer their customers a simple and efficient experience, and they started to indicate the same.

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Entrepreneurs, and small entrepreneurs that were already in their portfolio. The question is: what has actually been happening in this market and why this union? We know that everything that the accountant indicates to his client has almost constant feedback from him, that is, the client will always question the accountant when there is doubt EA Leads about what was indicated and, often, the lack of connection with that being indicated ends up bringing more problems than solutions. Therefore, the accountant has already been indicating digital banks to companies, but without any control over the bank’s relationship with its client. Online accounting, which has an influence on market trends, has joined forces with banks in order to, in addition to having a greater relationship and confidence in what it is indicating, also offer more complete solutions for companies, such as integrations that reduce their operations.