Guide to win more clients as an accountant in Curitiba

The desire of every accounting professional is to win more clients and see your office grow, do you agree? But, for that, it is essential to analyze the market, its customers and, most importantly: to have technology as your best ally! Conta Azul has prepared this guide especially for accountants in Curitiba to learn how to win more customers by delivering value. In this guide, you will see the following topics: Accounting market in Brazil and Curitiba: technology and consultancy; How much can an accountant in Curitiba earn? Online accounting x digital accounting; Digital accounting: benefits for accountants and clients; How to conquer customers being an accountant in Curitiba? For reflection: are you really prepared to have more customers. What does it take to be a successful accountant in Curitiba. Conta Azul is the ideal accountant partner in Curitiba.

Why is it so important to offer financial?

After all, in addition to carrying out the routine activities. Of an accountant, currently, the search goes beyond a DRE or payroll. It is essential to be side by side with the client and offer solutions to their problems. Proof of this was a survey carried out by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support. Service (SEBRAE) and published in Terra , where it pointed out. That 61% of customers are willing to pay more if the accountant offered consulting  Korea Phone Number Data  services for their companies. In this context, technology is indispensable. Data analysis and control, automatic calculations, real-time information for decision-making: this is what customers need most. Of course, many of them may not arrive right away asking for all of this. However, you have certainly witnessed a situation where the customer got lost in bank statements or complained about not being able to find simple information easily.

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Resistant to Changes and Innovations and This Can Actually

According to Laudelino Jochem, Vice President of Administration and Finance at the Paraná Regional Accounting Council (CRCPR): “This is a path of no return. I usually say that it is not technology that will take professionals out of the market. It comes to EA Leads facilitate the work that is carried out. People are often prevent a professional from succeeding. Those who are willing to change can use technology for their own growth and facilitate the work they do”, said Laudelino in an interview for the G1 portal. To grow, every business, regardless of size or niche, needs to invest in technology. According to a survey released on the Brazilian Internet Association (ABRANET) website, companies that improved their investments in technology in the most intense phase of the pandemic saw their revenue increase 5 times faster than their competitors.