Is your existing website harmful to your business?

You will agree that we all want a website that properly represents our business or other activities we have. After all, the first contact of a potential customer with your company usually takes place through your company’s website. Therefore, it is extremely important to leave the right impression. It is also very important that the company’s website not only looks beautiful, but also is functional – it attracts visitors and turns them into potential customers. It is the website that contains useful information, textual and visual content that should help the website visitor learn about the desired product or service and decide whether to become your customer. However, how do you know if your website is helping or hindering your business in attracting more customers.

You may be wondering how a website

Can interfere with your business? However, have you thought about how many visitors leave your website every year without finding useful information? Have you thought about how many visitors you lost because the text on your website was too small, the website design was not adapted for mobile devices, or simply because your website loaded Italy Business Fax List very slowly. Yes, every year visitors become more and more selective, have less patience and desire to search – everything must be served as if on a plate. Aspects you must think about modern search engines like google have become really “Smart”. Based on various metrics, such as the number of visits, time spent browsing, bounce rate and many others, you can determine whether your website and the content on your website are useful to google users.


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Whether they have to return empty-handed after visiting you.

As confusing as it all sounds now, we can assure you that all seo metrics are very closely related to the website itself. Website design let’s start with the elements related to the design of your website: website structure, information layout; adaptation of design for EA Leads  mobile devices; contact forms and buttons that direct the client to a successful sale; various visual elements. It is very important to understand who your potential customers are and what habits and desires they have. Only by testing (a/b testing) various design elements, colors and shapes will you be able to find the most suitable and attractive solution for your company. Don’t forget to use various analytics solutions like google analytics or hotjar.