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Avoid mechanical damage the

The of light strips Profiles are often us with light strips. It is important to check the condition of the light strips regularly. Make sure there are no burnt or damag areas of the light strip.   Be careful not to impact or scratch the profile surface. Mechanical damage can impair the profile’s appearance and performance. Keep heat dissipation If the profile has heat dissipation function, please ensure that the heat dissipation surface is kept clean to improve heat dissipation efficiency. Avoid using harmful chemicals or cleaning agents with strong acids and alkalis to avoid damaging the material and surface of the profile.

Corner profile Corner profile

Light bar Aluminum profile Corner profile In stock Euro Gypsum lath profile Gypsum lath profile Gypsum board light strip In stock Euro Aluminum profile Light strip Gypsum board profile Light strip Aluminum Brazil Telegram Data profile Light bar Aluminum profile Light bar Aluminum profile In stock Euro To extend the service life of the light strip, in addition to the care and maintenance of the corner profiles, you also ne to pay attention to the durability of the light strip. Here are some tips to extend the life of your light strips to avoid high temperature light strips becoming sensitive to high temperatures.

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Make sure the light strip

Operates within the appropriate temperature range to avoid overheating. Avoid Over-Bending Do not over-bend the light strip to avoid damaging the wires and chips. Avoid moisture Avoid installing light strips  in Algeria Phone Number List humid places to avoid damage and short circuits. Use the Proper Power Supply Make sure the voltage. And current are within safe limits using the proper power supply and controller. Infrequent switching Avoid frequent switching of the light strip as frequent switching may affect its service life. Care and maintenance of synthetic corner profiles are essential to ensure the quality of interior lighting. Choosing the right profile for the nes of your environment Regular cleaning.