These are the most popular environments channels and advertising content

These are the most popular environments channels and advertising content

These are the kantar publishes the list of the media brands with the highest Ad Equity in Spain in 2022 . A study that reveals each year the media platforms with the highest performance , so that advertisers, media agencies and media owners make the best decisions regarding advertising. Knowing this data allows advertisers to know the possible performance of their actions in the different media and advertising channels, in addition to illustrating the particular case of interests at the national level. As is the effectiveness of influencer marketing in Spain.

The most popular premium advertising media

Among 33 premium media brands top industry data considered for the study, National Geographic emerges as the most popular advertising environment among Spaniards . Thanks to its quality ad offering. Consumers of this medium consider that it offers relevant, innovative and trustworthy advertisements. For its part, Amazon is the number one advertising platform in four markets and Google and Twitch achieve this position in three . Local brands are leaders in markets such as the US, Argentina, China, Japan or New Zealand. Although it does have room to improve in the perception of quality and trust . The top 5 is closed by Google, Instagram and Snapchat.

The most popular global advertising environment in 2022 in Spain

TikTok is crowned as the global EA Leads advertising environment preferred by Spaniards . Which positions the video app two places above last year’s  results. In this way, it removes the position from Amazon , which now occupies second place in the ranking. The Chinese video platform is considered the most fun and entertaining in 22 of the 26 markets measured in the study. Users perceive the ads as fun and entertaining content, although as Kantar notes, “some consumers find them bland.” Also benefits from a strong perception of innovation. TikTok is not a victim of the feeling of excessive advertising , a more common problem on established platforms.

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