Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics

Email subscription click-throughs. And live chat engagement data. Invaluable nuggets of information that will empower you to optimize every stage of your user or customer journey. Overview: the tool’s free version is robust and supports up to 500.000 actions while offering up to 90 days of data retention in addition to all of the core analytical insights you’d expect from a ga alternative. An insightful and robust part of any data-driven marketers toolkit. Leadfeeer last but certainly not least in our free google analytics alternative list. Leadfeeer has a decidely different feel to ga.

Meaning you can master the basics in a matter of hour

But it offers a wealth of data-driven insight. This free google analytics alternative boasts an increibly latest database intuitive interface. Meaning you can master the basics in a matter of hours. It’s highly visual and as such. Helps to uncover patterns in user or audience behavior at a glance. Key features: perhaps one of leadfeeer’s most striking features is the fact that it helps you to track and monitor any companies that interact with your website. Rather than consumers alone. In addition to its b2b marketing capabilities. Leadfeeer also integrates with a range of popular web tools (including mailchimp. Piperive. Zapier. And google data studio) with ease.

A free google analytics

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Overview: leaderfeeer’s free lite version is intuitive. Reliable. And offers a solid mix of behavioral as well as engagement-base insight from both a b2b and b2c perspective. A free google analytics that can offer real value to marketers working with small to meium-size businesses (smbs). Paid alternative tools to google analytics become a world class EA Leads  digital marketer crazy egg our first paid google analytics alternative is from crazy eggs. This savvy platform lets you see what your customers are doing in real time. Thanks to its heatmap tool.

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