The person who fears the price the most is the seller

The person who fears the price the most is the seller

Companies assume that sellers, simply by being part of our organization, must be convinced of the price at which we sell. Nothing further from reality. As emissaries of a value that must be communicated and demonstrated to customers, the first one to buy the price is the seller . The person Therefore, before you expect your team to sell the price to your customers, sell the price to your team: (1) Explain clearly why it costs what it costs . Nothing is expensive or cheap; Price is a relative perception of value, an equivalence of benefits. The important thing is always to be crystal clear about the benefits that the price entails. The problem is not costing more but rather the customer not understanding why. (2) Have a clear read on your competition .

Explain clearly why it costs what it costs

When you know what you offer, which is not as common in others, you have a (usually untapped) gem. So when the customer tells you, “The other person executive email list offers the same thing, and cheaper,” don’t swallow it whole. Be clear about your competitors’ value proposition and know when to reposition them. (3) Focus on results for your client . Identify your customer’s specific needs and understand how your solution solves them. It’s not what it costs but what that means for the customer in terms of opportunity cost. To defend value you must know the scope and impact of your solution. The principle will always be the same: Believe in what you sell and your customer will believe in what they buy.

Have a clear read on your competition

The person Gustavo says: October 20, 2023 at 9:05 am David’s insistence on not entering into a low price war has helped us a lot in our company to not give up. Thank you very much for your advice Responder Humberto dice: October 20, 2023 at 8:01 pm Right, David. If our differential has not been VERY CLEARLY explained, there is no human EA Leads power to make the sales team BELIEVE in our price. Chair to continually reset the team, until it “recites” (sustains) why we are worth what we are worth. Thank you and thank you. Responder Claudia say: October 21, 2023 at 7:48 pm. 

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