If your purpose is relationship-orient

If your purpose is relationship-orient

There is no point in carrying out an action for someone who has already purchas or who will not be interest in that product. The relationship routine is more suitable for companies where the sale is complex or the purpose is simply to generate reputation and brand value among the base. Even here, segmenting the base is equally important. The unsubscribe or mark as spam button is right there , and all it takes is one email addressing a subject that doesn’t interest the user for them to be remov from your list. 8.3. When to invest: The basic question to start doing email marketing is: do you have an email base? If you answer yes, consider another question: is it segment? If so, create lists separat by interest, region, product, age, gender. The more specific the better. “Ah, but it’s going to be work. Will I have to make several emails, one for each segmentation?” He is going yes.

Email action requesting more data from your

And that’s what will bring results. Now, if your company doesn’t have a base, consider the other strategies we cover here to generate traffic and leads. But NEVER buy email bases from others. And, if you have a base but it is not segment, evaluate the possibility of carrying out an initial email action requesting more data from your audience. Data that will be relevant to separate leads from the base. But of course, offer something in return . A content, an offer, a discount. Otherwise, no one will  special data  respond. 8.4. How to measure the result: organic results.Virtually any email trigger tool will offer you simple indicators: openings; clicks; opening rate; click rate; mark as spam; unsubscribes.

Also consider the possibility of running

 If your purpose is relationship-orient focus on these numbers and vary the title, content and structure of your emails to try to improve. Also consider the possibility of running a/b tests on your shooting tool. Now, if the objective is sales, it will also be necessary to measure conversions. It’s a good idea to have a dicat landing page to receive traffic from email actions, or at least set up goal conversions in Google Analytics to track registrations generat through the email source. 9. Marketing automation Marketing automation 9.1. What is EA Leads it: Like content marketing, marketing automation is another discipline that has gain prominence due to the popularity of inbound marketing.

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