Free Webinar on Pinterest Advertising

Free Webinar on Pinterest Advertising

Was held on may 23, 2018. In the webinar, we briefly explain the theory, show how ads work in practice, and give answers to the questions asked by the participants. This is how we ensure that after the webinar is over, everyone who has registered for it has the necessary information and skills to get started in pinterest advertising and make ads independently. Below is the recording and slides .From the webinar
Pinterest is already a familiar channel for many, where you can find ideas and. Inspiration for various things. Only a few have done paid. Advertising on pinterest. However, pinterest is one of the world’s most popular social media channels, the. Majority of whose users are women. There is a lot of .Content out there where visuals are emphasized and play a key role. From the strongly visual pinterest, many. Seek inspiration for weddings or use it to get ideas for clothes or food recipes, for example.

Webinar slides and recording

All of a sudden, it’s easy to remember that pinterest is similar to instagram in many. Ways, because there are picture posts. However, the big difference compared to instagram is that ideas are collected asia email list  on pinterest. If, especially in the good old days, ideas and announcements were attached to bulletin boards, today pinterest is a bulletin .Board-type place where people and brands create virtual boards.
Each collection, or board, is created around a specific topic and interesting things. Related to the topic of the board are posted there .

Clothes or food recipes for example

If someone on instagram were to publish someone else’s content in their own message stream, I.E. Their feed, it would be a bad thing and would be interpreted .As copying the content. On pinterest, it works just the opposite. There, they want people and users to pin posts made by others to their own. Collections, I.E. Boards. It’s like a matter of honor when someone reposts another. User’s own post. People can add content. From other users and brands to EA Leads  their own whiteboards. In addition, they can create pin additions, I.E. Pins themselves, by, for example, going to. An online store and pressing the pinterest button there (pin addition, 

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