Customer experience are we doing our best

Customer experience are we doing our best

The client understands that things fail; what he doesn’t understand is that you don’t do anything about it. Unforeseen events happen, it is the way you react that makes the difference. It is clear that providing a wonderful experience to our clients is a titanic task that requires the coordination of everyone in the organization so that the processes flow smoothly, and that if something happens, it is as transparent as possible for the client. Customer experience A small detail can create a big impact, negative or positive. It is the harmonious synchronization that creates the magic. However, it’s not always up to you. When the situation gets out of hand we will always be exposed to eventualities that can tarnish our customer’s experience, especially those that are not under our control. I recently experienced the following in a hotel.

When the situation gets out of hand

I got up early and when i took a shower, only minimal water came out of the shower, almost dripping. I thought i had misplaced the handle that dispenses company data the water or that i had not moved something. I tried several things and nothing. Without any choice, stuck to the wall, i took a shower as best i could (the classic “cat bath”). Then the toilet cistern did not fill with water to empty either. Now that the situation was clear, i called the reception and they informed me that there was indeed no water in the hotel. They explain to me that it is a big problem and that an important area of ​​the city was in the same situation. I left for work and returned to my room around 5:00 pm.

The problem is real

Customer experience There was still no water, but i found a note from the hotel manager with some fruits where he explained that he regretted the fact, that if he needed something he would ask for help and that he appreciated the understanding and preference. The problem is real EA Leads the fact that there was no water was something that affected part of the city and obviously did not depend on the hotel. That’s clear. The question is, could they have handled it differently? Especially because of the expectation that the guest has of a five-star hotel. I spoke to the hotel staff and asked how occupancy was. I was told that there were 62 rooms occupied out of a total of 225 (27.5%). The problem was obvious and beyond the hotel’s control.

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