SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing – Which One Is Better?

Up to 98% of all the text messages get opened while emails are very statured, and their open rate hovers around 22% – 34% on average.

People usually open the emails anywhere between four and 24 hours after receiving them. Many go unread or often end up in spam folders. While all the texts sent are read in the first 5 minutes.

Take a moment and check your phone right now. How many messages in your texting app are unread now? You know the answer! Now check how many emails in your inbox are unread right now? We know you don’t have enough time to count that.

2. Click-Through rates

The click-through rate for the text message is about 36% versus only 6% for email. CTR: A hyperlink embedded in the body of a text message or email.

The Click-through rate depends on Spain Phone Number Data how well you craft your email and call to action. A good call-to-action should give customers the reasons to click the hyperlink.

3. Response rates

The ultimate measure of success is the response rate and conversions. Response rate is when a person clicks through and responds to the CTA. The engagement rate with SMS is six to eight times higher than the email campaigns.

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SMS marketing programs frequently require the recipient’s consent; it makes getting the response much more likely.

The differentiator of SMS marketing vs. email marketing is the length of the message. Text messages are only limited to 160 char. It encourages you to focus on what is vital, and the reader Azerbaijan Phone Number List spends less time going through it.

4. Deliverability rate

More than 270 billion emails are sent every day, but 50% of them end up in spam. A millennial person receives 70 messages a day, and users get text notifications right away.

With SMS, you get right in front of the customer’s eyes. You can interact with the text message right then and there. The deliverability rates are over 90%.

When using SMS marketing, there are fewer deliverability issues like bounced emails or ending up in spam folders. The internet service providers also limit the number of emails being sent.

5. Cost

When it comes to SMS marketing vs. email marketing, the cost is another factor to consider. It is way cheaper to send an email campaign than SMS.

SMS marketing is also getting cheaper day by day. Nowadays, it costs only a cent to send a text message. SMS guarantees your message will reach the customers, and they will see it. In short, SMS marketing is worth the money.


Online accountant: 7 tools 6 opportunities and 3 challenges

Being an online accountant is the way to grow, prosper and innovate in the market. Learn about digital tools and opportunities. Online accountant is the profession of the present and the future of our market. Those who do not adapt may end up being left behind. In conclusion, While the traditional accountant spends a lot of time taking care of the client’s routine and dealing with repetitive tasks, the digital accountant is several steps ahead with its automated tasks, personalized service and consultative accounting. In conclusion, It is clear that businessmen prefer accountants who work more efficiently, provide services via the internet and support their management with real-time information. Therefore, we are going to explore the challenges and opportunities that online accountants face in the market, in addition to suggesting some tools to facilitate their transition.

Who is the online accountant Online accountant

Browse the topics in our guide: vs traditional accountant 6 opportunities. For the online accountant 3 challenges for the online accountant 7 tools. For the online accountant What are the biggest challenges? Great ally of online accounting Read carefully and understand why digital is the right platform for the profession. In conclusion, Who is the online  Spain Phone Number Data  accountant The online accountant is one that embraces the innovation of the digital. Age to deliver more value to customers and provide differentiated services . With the support of technology, it eliminates rework, speeds up administrative processes. Speeds up data exchange and is completely integrated with the client’s management. In this way, the online accountant becomes an advisory support platform for the entrepreneur. Instead of focusing on bureaucratic and fiscal tasks, he gains space and time to provide all the support the client needs to deal with numbers.

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Financial issues and strategic aspects of the business

Online accountant vs traditional accountant Now that we know. In conclusion, The figure of the online accountant, how about understanding the differences. In their work and performance in relation to the traditional accountant, who uses less technology and automation in their routine? You don’t have to go very far to understand that EA Leads the traditional accountant. Will lose more and more space to the online accountant. Since the future is digital, and bureaucracy is being left behind. Today, new entrepreneurs are looking for accountants adapted to the current reality. Who manage to keep up with the pace of the market and meet the needs of the company in real time. At the same time, accountants themselves no longer want to deal with the paperwork, repetitive tasks and difficult client communication typical of the traditional office.