How is the AdWords management fee formed

Advertising themselves or buying the implementation. Of the advertising from a partner. One question in particular bothers those who are. Considering outsourcing adwords advertising – how is the management fee of the partner responsible for the implementation of the advertising formed?
In this article, we explain how the management .Fee is formed in the industry in general and how. We at lumolink approach it.
What does the

Management fee include management fee

Always includes all the work done on the adwords account, such as setting up campaigns and. Continuous optimization. In addition to the. Work done in the advertising account, the job description may involve the use of various third-party software such as keyword tools.
Work with adwords campaigns includes, among other things:
Keyword research
Creating campaigns and ad groups
Creating and testing ads
Use of ad extensions
Keyword and negative keyword optimization
Optimizing bidding strategies
Targeting optimization (time, place, interests, demographics)
Budget optimization
Utilization of automation and machine learning (e.G.  a/b testing

Dynamic advertisements Campaign experiments and

The effects of machine learning and automation on the management fee
Recently, we have received some questions from our customers about the use of automation and machine learning in advertising. Customers are of course interested in how much machine learning and automation. Reduce manual work and how it affects the management fee.
This is actually a very relevant question. However, the reality is that machine learning and automation will not eliminate manual human work. Instead, machine learning, for example in the form of intelligent bidding strategies, helps the advertiser achieve better results.
Thanks to intelligent bidding strategies, it is possible to leave a large part of the editing of individual keyword bids to machine intelligence. If there are, for example, several hundreds of keywords, it makes the work easier and the time saved can be used for other optimization measures.