Which in the End Will Only Mean

Which in the End Will Only Mean

At the Spa was publish in 1953, when the glory he never sought had already touch him: the Nobel Prize for Literature was award to him in 1946, in a ceremony that he did not attend, and where Henry Vallotton, on his behalf, read an austere speech of barely two pages. Among his most recogniz works, in addition to Steppenwolf , Demian , are often mention . The Youth of Emil Sinclair , Under the Wheels , Siddhartha , Narcissus and Goldmund , Rosshalde , and Knulp (Three Moments in a Life). He also wrote poetry, illuminating essays and establish extensive epistolary communication with Thomas Mann and Stefan Zweig, which would later be collect in compil volumes.

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His last novel, The Bead Game , was written under the sign of a spiritual crisis caus by the catastrophe unleash by the war that devastat the world between 1939 and 1945. Herman Hesse di on August 9, 1962. His remains rest in the cemetery of the church of San Abbondio, in Montagnola, a small town nestl in the Swiss Alps and a refuge where the writer spent half business database of his life.The clock show 3:23 in the afternoon on Sunday, May 31, 1970. In Yungay, one of the main towns in the Huaylas alley, in the Ancash region, some were preparing to take a nap after the opening game of the World Cup. Mexico between the local team and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, today again Russia.

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Not far from the city, about ten blocks, hundrs of children attend the performance of the Berolina circus, built on a promontory. Then everything shook fiercely for 45 seconds. And then, after a fleeting moment of silence, the survivors of the tragy heard a deafening noise. It is estimat that the glacier that broke off that afternoon from the northern peak of HuascarĂ¡n produc around 50 million cubic meters EA Leads of ice, mud and stones that buri the towns of Huaylas Alley. Some witnesses report that after the fall of the glacier, a kind of gigantic wave was form, measuring about 25 meters, which mov quickly and gave very few options for safety. May 1970 and a great lesson: always be prepar

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