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Report The material prepare by. Us consists of two rankings: Top 100 marketing influencers 2017 – here we show the people who were most often talke about on the web. Top 30 most engaging influencers – in this list we show people. Who really generate buzz and engagement of their recipients. In addition, you will find tools and tips thanks to which these influencers find and engage their audience. It will be a huge dose of inspiration for you to build your own brand. Want to see who made it to the CASE STUDY How to find the perfect employee. Thanks to Internet monitoring – CASE STUDY Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaMarch 10, 2017 ・ 1 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn Do you nee an employee, and preferably a specialist with passion.

The keywords indicate

Standard job advertisements. Will not necessarily bring the expecte effect quickly. What if you reverse the situation, i.e. first find the right person and only then make them a job offer? In such a search for the perfect employee, Internet monitoring will be great, which was use by Paweł Ciosk from the C&J Group company . For the nees of the company I Latest Mailing Database work for, I was looking for a person in a niche market segment. I neee an employee who has a “light pen” and likes to write about e-sport. Finding a person who is an “expert” in the subject of politics and writes columns / articles is definitely easier than in e-sport. I use Brand24. Pawel Ciosk The configuration of the project was very simple and took no more than 2 minutes.

Latest Mailing Database

The results as you can see

Column was set as the keyword , but in order to narrow down the search, the require word – esport was adde . in the chart below,! One of the entries EA Leads found in this way turne out to be a hit in the top 10. Author of the column Will e-sports ever be as popular as sports? share his text on Twitter, in the description using, among others, in Paweł’s project. The contact to the author was in the footer of the article, so later it went quickly e-mail inquir  offer job.

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