id you know? Google is the most searched word on Bing in the first half of 2019

When we talk about the Internet, we always talk about Google. Although for most people this search engine is the center of the Internet, the truth is that there are many other entry points. One of them is Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.

For most people, this search engine is either unknown or only used on rare occasions when Google is not accessible. The proof of Google’s total dominance is such that it is even visible in Bing searches.

Bing Google search engine

Google has long dominated Internet searches. It is the most widely used service, despite the many other services available. Despite all the scandals surrounding privacy and data collection, this is where everyone ends up searching the Internet.

The clear dominance of one of the search engines
This domain is so large that data shows that Google’s search engine already has 92.78% of the market. On the other hand, we have Bing, which only manages to have 2.55%. Interestingly, contrary to what was expected, Bing is an excellent source of income for Microsoft.

According to recently revealed data, Microsoft’s Venezuela Mobile Number List engine has managed to generate $7.5 billion in advertising. However, given how far behind the competition it is, it will be redesigned and targeted at professional users.


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Bing Google search engine

Google is the most searched word
The data revealed by Ahrefs shows a very interesting Australia Phone Number List  In the first 6 months of 2019, the most searched word on Bing was Google. This search is so high that it accounts for 45.51 million monthly records.

Another of the most popular is Google Chrome, with 2.37 million entries. This proves a well-known saying and is probably the last time users access Bing. There are also high numbers for YouTube, Gmail and Facebook.

This is certainly a scenario that is far from desirable for Bing and Microsoft. It confirms Google as the most used search engine and confirms the change in philosophy that the search giant has adopted for its proposal.

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Source: Ahrefs

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