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What is a token for authentication?

Token -based authentication is an authentication protocol through which users verify their identity in exchange for a one-time access token . Users can access the website, application, or platform for the duration of the token without having to re-enter their credentials. With the increase in online fraud, this is how Mastercard will reinforce security. Third parties to access and misuse card information.

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In fact, within this topic, Mastercard Tongliao Mobile Number List revealed plans to introduce fraud detection technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. In order to increase card security. The financial services giant will introduce passkeys. Which will replace traditional passwords , but will also be reinforced by biometric authentication. Which will allow customers to make payments with one click.

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Token for authentication According Bahamas Phone Number List to CNBC , cited by Tech Times, when a card is replaced or renewed, the tokens will be automatically updated across all platforms where they are stored, ensuring continuous service without the need for manual updates. According to the company, token adoption is growing 50% per year, now protecting around 25% of all e-commerce transactions on its network. Mastercard is currently working with its partners, including banks and other financial institutions, to ensure a smooth transition to the new system in Europe over the next decade.