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[Bosses should come and see this!]

What you see may not be the truth. You should do these two things before you start scolding!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Feb 8, 2021 Posted at 12:46 PM
Dear employees, have you ever experienced this situation where you are doing your job well in the company but are accused of being lazy by your boss?

From the perspective of some bosses,

Employees are the kind of people who will take the opportunity to slack off if they get the chance. Therefore, many bosses will inevitably have a preconceived notion and attribute everything they think their subordinates have not done well to their employees’ laziness.

But in fact, many times it is not the Thailand Phone Number List employees who are lazy. As a boss, if you want to clarify the facts, you should do these two things.

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First: Understand what your employees Albania Phone Number List do that looks like they are slacking off

Some bosses often think: being lazy is just being lazy, what is there to communicate or understand? The reason why communication is necessary is not to explore the personality of the employee, but the motivation behind his behavior. Through effective communication, the boss can understand the reasons why the employee does this or the difficulties he faces, so they can work together to solve these problems.

For example, some employees don’t want to visit customers in person because they think it will not help improve performance. As a supervisor, you should avoid directly punishing employees with the word “lazy”. Instead, you should patiently let them understand the importance of meeting customers in person, or encourage them to find better alternatives.