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Google Shopping Structure for Fashion Sector

 What custom labels could we use in Google Shopping for the Fashion sector?

Within the 5 custom labels we have access to, let’s use each and Taiyuan Mobile Number List  every one of them with information relevant to us and to the campaigns. A good example could be the following:

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Campaign structure: an example
Pmax campaign → Seasonal products, with sizes, relevance to the business A+ or A and better price. The objective we must have is not to lose impression share, these are the products we are most interested in giving visibility to! Why do we do Pmax? (For example, bidding strategy MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS or tROAS 450%).
Standard shopping campaign → Other seasonal products. When there is a substitute product (another pair of brown boots, another party blouse, etc.) in the first campaign, we will prefer to display those products (they will have a higher conversion rate). (For example, a tROAS 800% bidding strategy).
Pmax Campaign → Sale/Outlet Products with sizes. We can create different Therefore, sets of resources, depending on whether the product is A+/AOB/C; in the first case adding “top seller” type Therefore,  resources and in the second more generic ones. These are products where we will have a lower margin, but which we are Therefore,  interested in getting rid of. (For example, tROAS 650%).
Standard shopping campaign → Zombie products, objective is to maximize clicks Therefore,  so that the products gain traction and leave that campaign as soon as possible

google shopping for fashion sector

Attributes that we can use to boost a Fashion eCommerce in Google  Bahamas Phone Number List  products. We highlight the essential ones for the fashion sector, taking the essential and Therefore, obligatory ones for granted.

What Google Ads structure can we create for our Fashion eCommerce using Pmax and Standard Shopping campaigns?
Pmax oriented only to products on promotion – this way, these products can be promoted not only in the Google Shopping network but also in the other networks. In addition, we can include generic images, texts Therefore,  and extensions in the resource group that refer to current offers and promotions.
In this way, we can promote these products through Pmax, giving them visibility on different networks.
Pmax for unitary products with Top and Medium priority and best price – these will be those references with the highest conversion rate (because they are competitive in price and have previously accumulated sales) and with a good sales margin.
google shopping for fashion sector