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Can Google Chrome scan viruses with just one click? ]

Basically everyone should have anti-virus software installed on their computer, but if you are too brave and don’t install it, it doesn’t matter. It’s just that when the computer seems to feel strange, such as being a little slow or the homepage suddenly changes to another web page… and you want to scan for viruses, you just need to download it again.

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However, if you use Google Chrome, you don’t need to download anti-virus software, because it has a “clean up your computer” feature that can help you find suspicious or junk programs on your computer and remove them, keeping your computer safe! But this feature only supports Windows. If you feel that the browser or computer is strange, you might as well try it right away!



Step 1: Open the menu from the upper right corner Taiwan Phone Number List of the Google Chrome browser and click on “settings”.

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 Scroll to the bottom and click “Advanced”.



Step 3: Then scroll to the bottom and you will see “clean up computer” and click it.



Step 4: Press the “Find” button to start scanning. You will need to wait for a while. You can continue to operate the computer during the scan, but this page cannot be closed.



Step 5: Wait for the scan to complete. If any harmful Argentina Phone Number List software is found, it will list the found harmful software. If not, it will display “No harmful software found”!