Social Networks: Learn How To Sell On Each One Of Them

Did you know that 54% of Brazilians use social media to search for products and services? This data was revealed by a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex in 2019.

Social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, allow consumers to learn more about the brand, read reviews and even find promotions.

This means that any company must be present on social media and know how to sell on each one of them so as not to miss out on opportunities. But where do you start? Find out in this article!


Entrepreneurship today
There is no denying that social media is present in most people’s lives. According to a survey conducted by IBGE, seven out of ten Brazilians have profiles on the main social platforms.

And what’s more: according to a study carried out by Cuponation, the Brazilian population spent 5.2 hours a day connected to social media in 2020.

For companies, digital media works as a virtual showcase, where they can share their products, brand Switzerland Mobile Number List information and maintain a relationship with customers.

These tools can still be used with strategic planning to increase brand visibility and sales.

On the other hand, by failing to use social media in your marketing strategies, you will certainly leave money on the table.

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Advantages of selling through social media
Due to its large audience, social media is a great place to sell your products and services.

Financial digitalization, with fast and modern payments (such as PIX) and companies offering Austria Phone Number List resources such as banking as a service , provides practicality in the purchase and sale of products and services.

You can sell everything from clothing, consulting services and even real estate, did you know?

The big secret to being successful in sales through these platforms is strategic planning.

You need to know your target audience to advertise your products in the best possible way. This way, you will be able to take advantage of benefits such as:


reduction of the sales cycle;
more visibility for the brand;
possibility of nurturing leads;
improved customer loyalty;
increased traffic;
better reputation control;
more conversions.
Different Social Networks and Their Tools
There are different social networks that can be used in your strategies. To close more deals and achieve better results, it is worth getting to know each one better:

The second most used network in the world can be used to increase your sales.

To do this, the tip is to integrate your e-commerce (if you have one) with Facebook. This way, you can control information in one place and the customer can buy directly from the platform.

Another strategy is to use Facebook Ads, which are paid ads to reach a larger number of users. You can also segment your posts to reach the right target audience.


Instagram is all about visual appeal, so make sure to put great quality photos into your feed. Don’t just take photos of products, but also convey your brand’s lifestyle.

It’s also worth using Instagram Shopping, which allows users to click on a product and make a purchase directly from the app.

And, just like Facebook, you can run paid ads to get a greater reach for your posts. However, you can also make better use of organic advertising; one effective trick is to use hashtags.

For small and medium-sized businesses, another interesting strategy to increase s