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First of all, the “computing power competition” is of course the most important part of this new game. According to estimates from Scoop, global computing power is expect to reach 1.1 zettaflops in 2023 alone ; more than 60% of this computing power will be us to train and run large language models and other artificial intelligence systems; and in 2024, global computing power will reach 1.1 zettaflops. AI applications will increase by 50% compar with 2023.

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The computing power competition Brother Cell Phone List from the huge costs invest by major technology companies. In Q1 of this year alone, the three major public clouds Google, Amazon, and Microsoft invest a total of US$40 billion in building data centers from January to March to cope with the growing artificial intelligence workloads; in addition, Meta It also stat that it will spend US$40 billion on AI-relat matters this year.

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NVIDIA is of course the biggest winner in

This computing power Bulgaria Phone Number List competition so far. According to calculations by market research company Omdia, the number of H100 units in 2023 alone has exce many previous prictions, reaching 1.2 million. Its full-year revenue in 2023 is US$60.9 billion, YoY’s astonishing growth of 126%; sales of AI chips requir for servers, especially “Hopper architecture” products such as H100, perform extremely well. Last year’s total revenue was higher than the previous year. Growth of 265%. Data center revenue was $18.4 billion, more than half of which was contribut by large cloud providers.

NVIDIA’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang displays products on-stage during the annual Nvidia GTC Artificial Intelligence Conference at SAP Center in San Jose, California, on March 18, 2024. (Photo by JOSH ELSON / AFP) (Photo by JOSH ELSON/AFP via Getty Images)
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