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How can digital marketing?

  We have all heard about the AI ​​of the moment, and without

Any intention of going into more detail about what many already know, let’s get to know its main capabilities.

Now, what can this AI tool be used for in Digital Marketing? Let’s look  Oman Mobile Number List at some practical examples to help us understand its uses.

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Automation of advertising processes
Automate repetitive and monotonous tasks such as ad scheduling, list building, copy ideas, descriptions, wireframing, etc.

AI in digital marketing
Personalization of the user experience
Using user behavior and preference data to provide personalized Therefore,  product or service recommendations at the moment the user asks the AI. This functionality can improve business profitability, as it can analyze user behavior and provide valuable insights to improve marketing strategy and personalize the user experience, creating more relevant content for the user.

You can collect data from Google Ads and analyze patterns Azerbaijan Phone Number List  and trends in the performance of digital ads. This way, we can more quickly and conveniently identify these patterns and make decisions accordingly.

GPT Chat is a chatbot tool that uses artificial intelligence Therefore,  to provide suggestions for list creation in its integration with Google Sheets. With its data analysis and algorithms, it can provide useful recommendations to Therefore,  improve business efficiency and effectiveness. By automating the list creation process, GPT Chat  Therefore, can help reduce errors and save time.

Ad Generation
Generate engaging and Therefore,  personalized ads by incorporating data about your target audience Therefore,  and market trends. You can also generate the content with a set number of characters.

AI in digital marketing
Integration with Google Sheets
In order to use this tool in our Google spreadsheets, and to be able to access many of the benefits that the AI ​​of the moment brings us, Chat GPT , we will first need to download the extension .

Once downloaded we must install it, to do so we must be the owners of the document.

Inside the spreadsheet: “Extensions” > “GPT for Sheets” > “Set API Key”

To get the API Key we will have to register in OPEN AI , where they will give us the password so that we can enable the GPT CHAT functions.

Every time we open a document we must enable its functions: “Extensions”> “GPT for Sheets”>”Enable GPT functions”.

Finally, when activating it, you must enter “=GPT”, as if it were any other formula.

Integration with Google Analytics
It can be linked to Google Analytics and provide graphs or charts of the data. AI can also offer recommendations on how to optimize the website to improve advertising performance.

AI in digital marketing
Other applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing that can help us:
Lumen5 or Craiyon
For creating videos or product photos, AI can analyse and process large amounts of data about customers and their interests, generating videos with messages that are attractive to the audience. It is essential to Therefore,  correctly define the objective we want to achieve so that AI can focus its efforts on generating a quality, personalised message.

As for the uses we can give it, for example, an online store that wants to Therefore, generate complementary photographs of its products, or a small startup that needs Therefore,  to generate images for its social networks. There are as many cases as the options AI gives us in Digital Marketing.