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Step by step you will riscover the pleasure of a slow & green holiday, to be liv without fear or stress. However, the journey does not begin with the actual departure but from the moment you start dreaming about it. The inspirations of Garda Trentino have been enclos in various brochures available on the site: the Glance magazine for the more dreamy, the climbing, via ferrata and water sport magazines for the more sporty. Garda Trentino, your home, awaits you! Garda Trentino

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The right offer at the right time can make all the difference. The Netherlands WhatsApp Number Real Web expert team has been at the service of its customers for years: contact us to find out about our offers or sign up if you want to stay updat thanks to our strategic monitoring.Lockdown: virtual travel and green summer projects Faroe Islands Lockdown Lockdown: virtual travel and green summer projects realweb Articles, Tourism marketing communication, covid-19, digital marketing, remote tourism, virtual tourism

Netherlands WhatsApp Number

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No comment In the time of Covid-19, tourism becomes Afghanistan Phone Number List virtual. Goodbye to suitcases and heavy bags, travel without taking a step. The aim is to keep tourists’ attention, build anticipation and provide them with ideas for when travel will be possible again.  an initiative of this type was Greece with the Greece From Home portal, manag by the Ministry of Tourism, videos of some citizens. A look at Greek beauty yes, but sitting comfortably on your sofas.


The Faroe Islands, on the other hand, offer us the possibility of “piloting” a local guide of the place in the flesh from home who, with a camera on his head, turns in the direction we want or even jumps and runs when request. A sort of tourist video game, seeing is believing! Remote Tourism Returning instead to Italy, and specifically to South Tyrol, Alta Badia is ready for a “green” summer. Its summer program is entirely focus on nature and aim at rucing the environmental impact.